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The first time I was in an elementary school to observe, I stayed with the kids in the art classroom which had a substitute teacher.

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No more than five minutes into class, I hear an announcement for a lock-down of the building. The lights went off, and the students hid in their spots. The teacher, however, did not have a key to lock the doors, and she had to run across the hall to grab keys. The students would not listen to her when she said to be quiet.

US teacher is suspended for letting pupils read bestseller

After the teacher pleading with the students, something came over me. Something that one of the students would know as the "mean Mr. There was no option. All was well after that. People often question me as to why I would spend years of education only to stay in a classroom and "babysit.

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Most teachers have to take a class that deals with diversity in the classroom. This essential class was one of my most interesting experiences. We had to tutor inner-city students.

I wound up with a co-teacher I had never met before. We were expected to help the students with their homework and stand around and be pelted by dodgeballs. I heard a voice in my head telling me that I was not the babysitter.

Diary Of A Teacher In Training

I am a teacher. My co-teacher, Mary, and I used what little educator skills we possessed and made a new lesson plan each week. We had to fund ourselves or make adjustments to our lessons as price factors and material availability arose.

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I learned about the personal lives of my students. One has only one living parent, several live on the "other side of town," some have a learning disability. Regardless of the situation, I made sure they learned something every time.

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  6. Mary and I taught them history through popular dance moves, we built our own volcano, celebrated holidays around the world and wrote letters to drunk drivers from the perspective of a victim. This was no walk in the park.

    Educating Esmé: Diary of a Teacher's First Year

    I have had students yell at me, kick me, threaten me with scissors and tell me they love me. I have to constantly remind students what is appropriate classroom conversation and behavior. Teachers are some of the most important role models for children and adolescents, but in order to really make an impact, teachers need to continuously refine their craft.

    For new and prospective teachers, there are no better role models than veteran teachers. All of these books help immerse readers in the teaching community and are resources for new teachers and veterans. This book is a must-read for teachers and is regularly used at teacher training universities. Veteran educator Harry Wong helps teachers establish routines and proactive approaches to classroom management.


    With this book, your classroom will be running smoothly from day one. Geoffrey Canada had a dream to change the lives of at-risk children in Harlem by providing them with the same opportunities that were afforded to their middle and upper class peers. After witnessing the horror of the Rodney King riots, Erin Gruwell worked on representing compassion and respect to her inner city students. This diary is filled with entries by students sharing their personal experiences and was turned into a major motion picture. This memoir chronicles his early years of teaching, which was anything but smooth and oftentimes humorous.

    Her enthusiastic nature is infectious and her experiences remind us that nobody is perfect.