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Furthermore, it is an extremely elegant way of getting someone's phone number. You can use it with zodiac signs, numbers, dates, colors - virtually anything. What makes this concept unique though is: Later on they won't even remember that they wrote something. Nothing is written down, there are no gimmicks, very little fishing, and a straight forward presentation: They only think of someone that is important to them, you name two or three letters and then the whole name - that's it!

No real deck involved. Nothing written down. No psychological forces.

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Must read for every mind reader. Every purist has to know this method. Someone freely selects a thought from a borrowed book. They can even change their mind - no force! You describe that thought and also tell them what word they were thinking of before that. If someone comes up to me and asks: "Can you read my mind? They think of anything at all no limitations and the performer is able to describe their thoughts.

That's it. There is no set up, no confederates, nothing to memorize, no anagrams, no psychological forces - nothing. I have performed this hundreds of times over the past seven years. I've done it in one-on-one-settings, for small groups, on stage, even over the phone. You will either hate or love this - there is no in between. Finally, you reveal what they were thinking of. All you need is two business cards and a pen. You ask them to think of a positive and then three negative character traits. They are written on business cards, which are mixed and placed on the table.

You never see the writing - yet you are able to locate and reveal the positive character trait without touching the cards. It is not what you expect.

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This looks and feels real. Nothing earth shattering, but a nice opener with some very clever subtleties.

Pure, imaginative mentalism at its best. This is one of the most reliable suggestion-based effects I know and there are some pretty nice applications for it. This is pure psychological manipulation. They very fairly choose one of the cards and then a number from one to five.

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When the chosen card is turned over, their chosen number is written on its back. You turn over the remaining cards and they are - blank. Super easy to do and a nice way to hand out your business card. This can be performed with one or even two participants. Karl Escobar — 24th September If propless material turns you on then this is the book for you.

It contains principles and effects that will take your performances to that extra level for you to become that much more credible as an artist. Overall, this book is great for anyone who loves propless material and is willing to put in the work to make their performances that much better. Your email address will not be published.

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