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Draw a line across the post to mark ground level. Measure 7 feet upward from ground level and mark the height on the post. Make the same height markings onto a second post. Sandwich a scrap piece of 4-by-4 lumber measuring around 14 inches long between the two posts. Line up the top edge of the spacer with the 7-foot height marking.

Insert the doubled post into a post hole. Brace the posts with two lengths of 2-by-4 lumber attached at degree angles to the posts and fastened to stakes driven into the ground. Repeat the steps to install a second, identical doubled post. Slide one end of an 8-foot length of 4-by-6 cedar or pressure-treated lumber through the centre of one doubled post and slide the other end of the 4-by-6 through the gap in the other doubled post to test if the posts line up properly for receiving the beam.

Check that the distance between posts measures 7 feet. Remove the 4-by-6 beam.

Swing set build

Shovel wet concrete mix into the post holes, filling them around a third of the way. Raise and lower the end of a 2-by-4 in the concrete to release any trapped air bubbles. Fill the post holes with concrete and add an extra 2 inches of concrete above ground level. Let the concrete cure for two to three days. See References 4, 5.

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Measure the distance between the two chain attachment points on a swing seat to determine the distance to space the eye-bolts apart on the beam. Ensure that each swing seat will hang at least 8 inches from another swing seat and at least 12 inches from a support pole. See Reference 1, pages 4, 5. Tighten the lock nut with a socket wrench. Repeat the steps to attach eye-bolts to the other holes in the beam. Lift the beam into place between the doubled posts, resting it on the spacers near the top of the posts. Adjust the height of the spacers until the beam is level.

Repeat the steps to drill two holes near the other end of the beam. And also has space for kids to climb and congregate. It might be what you need. And it was so much fun.

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Well, let your kids create similar memories with their very own tire swing. They are easy to construct and very inexpensive too. This swing set looks super simple to build, which is always a bonus in my book. And it is just your basic swings. But beyond the simplicity of the design, I love how they added some different swing options to it.

Building the World's Greatest Swing Set - Part 1

It appears to be tons of fun. Now, this is a new reason to build a swing set. Instead of just having it for fun, what if you built it as a source to generate electricity? Well, with this swing set it is a possibility. This swing set appears to not only be fun but really functional.

But this swing set now gives you an additional space to store your solar panels while they collect energy. And it looks like space your kids could enjoy too. And you really want to encourage your kids to put down those electronics and go outside to have some fun. Well, this swing set just might do the trick.

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It has swings, a huge slide, and lots of other climbing areas too. This is a smaller backyard playground. There is still plenty of fun to be had on it. And because it is smaller, it appears to be easier to construct. So what better deal could you be looking for? An easy build plus tons of fun usually equates to a win-win. This swing set looks like it could be tons of fun. And it also looks like a great way for kids to be active and enjoy themselves at the same time. So if you are looking for a swing set that has all of the basic needs of a typical swing set.

And one that you could build yourself then give these plans a quick glance.

How To Build A Great DIY Swing Set For A Perfect Summer Time

Have you already built your child a playhouse but now you are looking to add on to it? Well, if you agree, then check out these great plans that show you how to go about doing that. Imagine the fun that could be had between playing inside a playhouse and then running right out its door to a set of swings. This playset appears to be right up my alley. I am a huge fan of tire swings. I just find them to be a little extra fun. And they are also a great way to upcycle. So if you would love to have a traditional swing set with the added twist of tire swings then check this one out. This playset is another really awesome one. It includes a slide, tire swings, a sandbox area, and an add-on for a traditional swing. So you have to wonder what more anyone could want out of a playset? Because to me, this one pretty well has it all. All of these plans appear really great. But what if you are someone that just wants a simple stand-alone swing?

Well, then this design is for you. It has simple building instructions to building a stand-alone swing frame. We have actually built one of these before and it was very simple to do. These plans are for a stand-alone backyard swing set. It is obviously going to be much easier to build than a full blown playset. So if you are wanting to build something fun for the family but need a simpler build for whatever reason then give these plans a glance.

This looks like it could be a great swing set. However, if you are new to the DIY world this could be a challenge. And I say this because instead of it being a documented blog post with the material list, dimensions, and pictures these are literal plans. These are more plans for stand-alone swings. As mentioned previously, this would probably be a simpler project for someone who is just learning the ropes of building their own projects. Swings are lots of fun and can be enjoyed for years to come. These are more plans for a stand-alone swing set.

Though these plans are very detailed, I would still consider them a little more difficult for the new builder. Ideally, you would have a big backyard if you want to build a strong and sturdy swing set similar to the one featured on allthumbsdiy. Even without all the other cool structures the swing set alone is enough to make the backyard super fun for the kids as well as for adults. The swing can be only a part of a more complex playset and you can build the entire structure yourself. A pair of swings, a slide and a simple platform with a set of stairs would be more than enough.

Yes, this playhouse has a solar panel on its roof and no, the panel does not power up anything within the playhouse. The structure was merely used as a support base for the solar panel which is still pretty cool. So you see, building a swing set or a playground for the kids in your backyard can have all sorts of benefits, some quite unexpected.

Find out details about this project on instructables. Check out thelearnerorserver for more details and ideas. Wooden playsets can look pretty boring and with some paint and spare time you can change all that. It might even be a fun project that the whole family can take part in. Find out useful tips on christlovesjulia.