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Core stability relates to your inner core muscles.

These muscles stabilize your spine. Core strength relates to the outer core muscles and is developed to help you move around better.

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Engaging in physical therapy will help you to train both inner and outer core muscles for better balance and movement. First, stand up straight and find the proper pelvic position. Then, draw your belly button in toward your spine. You should be able to talk, breathe and slowly walk around with your belly button drawn in. You want to build up your core muscles until you can hold your belly button in for 30 seconds before moving on to more difficult core exercises. Also, if you feel any pain from this exercise, stop immediately.

Then aggregate the profiles to create a comprehensive team profile. If the team is already effective, most likely you'll see the balance emerge in the aggregate profile. Before adding additional resources, make sure the resultant profile won't become too imbalanced.

6 Tips to Create a Balanced Life

With so many competencies to consider including leadership, management, and subject matter expertise , it's nearly impossible to add resources without introducing some imbalance. That said, there are ways to minimize the imbalance, and to correct any imbalance once the new team is formed. For instance, before adding someone with a PhD in Statistics to the team, send her through a few classes in computer programming, visualization, and organizational leadership.

When she joins the team, she should mentor the graphic artist who's excellent in visualization but a little weak on Probability Theory.

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Our fictional company sells hiking gear. The CEO has announced a new corporate strategy of adding an online user experience that recommends great places to hike based on customers with similar profiles. The first phase of the strategy is a complete success.

1. A healthy mind requires you to maintain awareness or your thinking

Over an eight month period, the data science team was able to stand up an online recommendation engine, and build a small but active community of loyal hikers. The recommendation engine is good but not great, and the strategy calls for a breakthrough service and not just a competitive one.

The team needs more firepower, but the CEO doesn't want to mess up a good team. The CEO organizes an offsite with the data science team to determine its profile. A quick brainstorming session produces the key competencies that make the team effective: mathematics, machine learning, Python computer programming, geographic data visualization, web design, hiking, leadership, and management. After an exercise in self-evaluation, it's discovered that individual profiles have spikes in specialization; however, the overall team profile looks balanced.

The CEO explains that the team needs to grow, and more resources will be added. The CEO grows the team in a balanced fashion.

Human Being vs Human Doing: How to Create a Balanced Mind

Three people are brought in with complementary skills: one is strong in mathematics, machine learning, and geographic data visualization; another is strong in Python and web design; the third is an MBA with strong leadership and management skills. All three people love hiking and know the business well. This new team is not only more powerful, but it's also balanced. Once the new members gel with the current team, the CEO's in a great position to take this strategy to the next level. Growing a highly performing data science team is a scary proposition, but if done properly, it can dramatically increase its productivity.

In fact, one of my breakfasts coming up is a piece of sprouted grain whole-wheat toast with almond butter and bananas… Ummm, YUM!

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That is something I would never allow myself to eat on my previous diet. Not because I restrict myself from eating what I want, but because I thought for so long that gluten would make me feel terrible and that a green smoothie would be a much smarter breakfast. Then, while writing my meal plan, he asked if I would eat whole-wheat pasta for dinner on one of the nights.

Which, by the way, was not working out for me at all!

Mentally or physically. I can eat whatever I want, when I am hungry, and need to stop snacking so I can actually allow myself to be hungry for meals and enjoy my food. This may sound like a very simple answer to many of you, but for someone who has struggled with food for a long time these very direct guidelines are going to be life changing. He also prescribed me a few different supplements to take to supplement my vegan diet, which is a new realm for me. I am so very excited to see how I feel after a few weeks of following my new meal plan.

Other exciting things I get to make on the plan? Tofu scramble, hummus veggie wrap on an Ezekial sprouted grain tortilla, a raw nut and fruit plate and lots of yummy steamed veggie dishes. Wish me luck on this journey… I am hoping it will do the trick to set me back into my most balanced, happy state and keep me from feeling nauseous and yucky.