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What makes this romance so great is that both characters are introverted, but highly intelligent. However, their shyness belies their romantic needs both inside and outside the bedroom.

Kent Randolph has known Portia Carmichael for most of his life. A patient man, Kent has his eyes set on Portia, though her hands are more than full with tempting suitors. No heroine-claiming alpha males here! Oliver Rivington is home from war and all he wants out of life is a quiet, predictable existence. But then Jack Turner shows up, a man raised in the London underground with a history of criminal activity.

Though fate has a way of shaking things up, as a gentleman falls for a ruffian. However, remaining just friends in the wake of a trying to make a match is tougher than it seems, and Kate begins to realize that perhaps the right man for her has been there all along. Minvera also has her fair share of secrets, and watching Robert and Minerva slowly open up to one another is enough to leave readers misty-eyed.

The only light at the end of his tunnel is Abigail Weston, a kind and beautiful woman with an extremely large dowry. Unfortunately, a meddling uncle has him sent on a wild goose chase to Lady Serena after an heirloom goes missing. To his surprise, Lady Serena is the same woman who was supposed to take his virginity years ago. Shy Solomon backed out of his meeting with the courtesan, though still paid her handsomely for the trouble.

In Need of Romance 3 Ep11 : I feel awkward too…_Kim So-yeon, Sung Jun

Vincent, being the upstanding gentleman that he is, offers Sophia a betrothal anyway given her predicament, but can love spring from this unceremonious marriage of convenience? He looks after his sisters, teaches young children, and currently serves as headmaster for a foundling home. Lady Isabel Beckinhall sees the stoic Winter as a challenge, and she loves nothing more than a challenge.

Once little girls begin disappearing from the area, Winter must balance his quest for vengeance and the passion he feels for Isabel. Archimedes Fox Heart of Steel , by Meljean Brook For steampunk and alternate history fans, what happens when a grumpy airship captain and mercenary meets a charming treasure hunter? Loyal to his people and his kingdom, he marries Ildiko, a human and the niece of the Gauri king. Unfortunately, Brishen finds Ildiko to be hideous and she feels the same about him. What follows is a slow burn romance between two unlikely allies, who seem to know nothing aside from the duties of their respective kingdoms.

The two communicate nightly, a pseudo-long distance attraction growing.

When Jules goes missing, James gathers up the courage to leave his base and find her, by any means necessary. When an enemy starts targeting hybrid shifters, Lock knows that Gwen can handle herself, but the bear in him wants to help. A great blend of action and humor, The Mane Squeeze has a well-matched couple on the wild side.

That moment broke his heart and he did everything he could to keep women away from him, even physically scarring his body to make himself seem less attractive.

Forbidden Love Series (Submissive Romance)

Anya is the goddess of Anarchy. For readers who love to see the roles reversed, with a heroine in pursuit of her celibate hero, pick this one up! The two are a mismatched pair. Malkon is quiet, while Carrow is loud.

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The tenderness inside Malkom makes it worse for Carrow when she realizes she must betray him. While boarding a ship, he notices a young man desperate to seek passage. However, the young man has been robbed and is unable to pay his way onboard. Luckily, Saille is a patient man, waiting until DuFleur comes to him. Readers will appreciate this hero who can take things slowly.

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Talk about a temptation. While the romance drama comes with its fair share of angst and dramatic moments, these two are cool under pressure and incredibly mature when it comes to a relationship conflicting with their partnership. Fantastic for readers who love a fast-paced, suspenseful read! But to truly help his teammates, he must go into enemy territory. Smart and honorable, Derek is dedicated to his mission, though experiences a major setback when he realizes Emilie has become way more than a target. Now, all he wants is some peace and quiet to rebuild his life and maybe even write a book.

Abra Walsh does anything and everything. She cleans houses, teaches yoga, and even makes jewelry. Tobias Faraday Ripped , by Edie Harris Fireworks explode when a brassy, mouthy British assassin meets a staid and serious lawyer! Tobias Farraday has helped keep spy Chandler McCallister captive for information on who harmed his sister.

Can a Black Feminist be Sexually Submissive to a White Man?

Tobias reluctantly acquiesces, but he has to go with her…and pose as her date. The pair are opposites, with Chandler being loud and confident, while Tobias prefers to blend into the background. A great fake relationship romance with covert operations and plenty of action. Even if that means going back to prison undercover to help the California Department of Corrections. Tags: beta heroes , romance roundups. More in Romance. A Guest Post from Author J. A fun slow burn read that can be read as a standalone. Now one of them wants her dead. All Wade Jenkins wants is peace, but a favor to the man who saved his life in Iraq catapults him back onto a battlefield and into his worst nightmare.

Together, can the two of them defeat a deadly foe? Jasmine Davis is furious when she discovers her new dance studio shares a building with her longtime enemy, bad boy Will Levi. That such extreme emotions could never be assigned to the same thing at the same time. That much like roller coasters or Brussels sprouts, you either felt love or you felt hate, but never both.

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When her boss finds out, he demands payment… in the form of submission. What began as a game turns into so much more, testing the chains that bind two hearts together. War brews around them, but the greatest danger may be the sweet promise of Love…. Kindle Are these books no longer free? Sign up for our email and never miss a free book again!

Follow Angie Prouty as she unravels a murder mystery on Nantucket!

Guam Historical Romance Novel: Review and Blurb Blitz Tour: Reading His Submissive

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