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When Elizabeth realizes where the artifact is hidden, Jabari abducts her so that his charge remains hidden. Stunningly, Elizabeth and Jabari are attracted to one another. When he sees a dove shaped birthmark on her, he believes that she is the reincarnation of Queen Kiya, whom the ancient prophecy claims that one day she and the chief of her guards will return as lovers.

The Falcon and the Dove

The story line is fast-paced and loaded with action yet has time to develop a love subplot between the lead characters. She masterly weaves a stunning vista of a people, place and time.

I truly enjoyed this unique and compelling love sotyr. A great mix of adventure and romance makes hits a temptingly delicious read.

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I really enjoyed the plot, found it well-paced The secondary characters Strong in style and characters, the talents of this first-time author deserves a place of honor on your keeper shelf. It's pretty darn sensual, too, with some sizzling love scenes Vanak gives you a nice feel for the desert, and the lore and legend of Egypt in this thrilling love story of reincarnation. It is well done, and I loved the characters that are very realistic. I'd like to read more from this promising new author.

I was immensely impressed by Ms.

The Falcon & the Dove by Bonnie Vanak is our Romance of the Week Free Book Excerpt

Vanak's attention to detail, and the vivid sense of place. Using a backdrop that is historically accurate, Ms. Vanak weaves a timeless story that is compelling and passionate. A marvelous debut book!

There are many secondary characters and some great dialogue that makes the complex mulitlayered plot come alive for the reader. Here is a tale so different from most romances today that it's sure to capture you from page one to the final page. Don't miss purchasing this title; it's sure to be a winner.

The Falcon & the Dove

It's unbelievable to me that this is a first book by a brand new author! The book is rich with vivid history, it has a terrific, unique storyline and two of the most wonderful, enigmatic characters I've ever read about. I am so impressed with Ms.

Falcon having dove for dinner.

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