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Sprite may look like a child, but she can rework molecules and warp reality better than the rest of the team. Phastos carries a special hammer with him and is a genius engineer. Gilgamesh should sound familiar from history class -- he was a hero in ancient Mesopotamian mythology. Of course. While it's not confirmed, We Got This Covered reported a source close to the Marvel studio said Maelstrom will make an appearance in the film, perhaps in an end scene as a set up for the Eternals sequel.

He's a major antagonist in the comics and could factor into a larger plot in upcoming MCU phases. As if that's not enough Eternals information to digest. That should give you a pretty decent sense of the Celestials' enormity. As should this user's tweet featuring the film's Jack Kirby-esque movie poster:.

Eternals pic. Tom's Guide. Whether she would reprise her role as Minn-Erva or take on a new identity is currently unknown. The Eternals release date: when does it come out? Is there a trailer for The Eternals yet? What is The Eternals about? Following the " God Squad "'s victory, and Mikaboshi 's takeover of the Skrull slave deities, Athena is shown watching from her scrying pool, and she says that this is an even better result than she had planned for.

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She expresses no alarm or shock when Mikaboshi vows to get revenge on the Olympians. Athena is thus confirmed not to be a Skrull.

Athena (Marvel Comics) - Wikipedia

In the past, she was shown using her foresight to predict the birth of Amadeus Cho and the events of the World War Hulk , predicting that while the still young Hercules would grow to be a force for good, Amadeus would always be her champion, foretelling the modern times and his final choosing in becoming a force for good himself, and her and Hercules' helper.

Meanwhile, Hera and Pluto have taken over the Olympus Group, the modern day seat of power for the Olympians, via the inherited shares of Zeus' and by buying out Poseidon, and have decided the company has a new major goal: the deaths of Athena and Hercules.

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  8. Using his body as a bait, she lures Athena, Amadeus and Hercules into a trap. Among Hera's retinue is Delphyne Gorgon , who wishes to kill Athena in revenge for her cursing the original Gorgons.

    The Fight For The Future - Prophetess Erica Goldman - The Day Everything Changes

    Athena formulates a new plan to counter Hera, and the heroes escape in the midst of a battle between Hera's forces and the Dark Avengers. When they arrive in Atlantic City, Athena revealed that she's sending them to Hades to retrieve Zeus. They are successful and Zeus is reborn as a young boy, although without his memories, but he still has weather control.

    Cho, meanwhile, departs to uncover the truth behind his parents' death and his sister's disappearance, uncertain whether to trust her any longer.

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    It is revealed that Pythagoras Dupree was Athena's original choice to be her champion, but he refused the position, and, retreating inside an elaborate web of realities, began killing anyone who could possibly lead Athena to him. Cho, after confronting Dupree, rejoins Athena, and shares with her information about Hera's superweapon, Continuum.

    Athena reveals to Cho that he is her choice to be the next Prince of Power, as the 'hero of the mind', as opposed to the hero of strength that Hercules represented. Further, as there cannot be more than one Prince of Power at any one time, this means that Hercules will soon meet his death.

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    Cho vows to prevent this, even as they gather forces to mount an assault on New Olympus. Athena provides Aphrodite with information on her enemies, the Agents of Atlas , in exchange for her distracting Ares from joining the battle. Hephaestus then planned on creating a mold of her face to place on one of his automatons to bring with him to the new universe. However, she is freed from this by the death of Zeus, which transfers his divine thunderbolt to her, she then starts calling herself Athena Panhellenios.

    After Hercules defeats Typhon within the alternate universe Hera's machine created, Athena reveals that Hercules must die so that Cho can take his place as Prince of Power, and, tearfully saying that she considers herself Hercules' real mother and that she fed him Hera's milk to increase his power, she destroys the machine, seemingly killing him.

    Summary of Iliad Book XXII

    Apollo challenges Athena for leadership of the Olympians, leading a brawl between various champions, with Athena and her allies triumphing. Cho initially declines her offer, but accepts upon learning that Hercules is not in the Underworld, vowing to use the Groups' resources to locate him. Now the leader of the Olympians, Athena is shown meeting with the Council of Godheads to discuss the new Heroic Age , and who should be selected to confront the coming darkness of Mikaboshi. Subsequently, upon Vali Halfling 's capture of the Olympus Group headquarters, Athena is severely weakened by the snuffing of the Promethean Flame, and is then captured by Halfling's men upon returning to the Olympus Group from the panicked Council of Godheads.

    Delphyne Gorgon, who escaped her cell, at first confronted Athena, but was then convinced to help her defeat Halfling's men and attempt to locate the Flame. Following Cho and Delphyne's defeat of Halfling, the Flame is restored by Cho's new divine powers and Athena returns to her full power, released from captivity, just as the Chaos King Amatsu-Mikaboshi prepares to invade Earth, destroy every trace of life in the Marvel Universe, mortal and immortal, and annihilate all reality at long last in his devastating Chaos War. Hercules told her that Athena tried to kill him, and had fled when he returned to Earth.

    ANGELINA JOLIE Training to 'Give the MCU the THENA They Deserve' for ETERNALS

    Athena brutally attacks Hercules with all her power, screaming that she exiled him to Hera's Continuum bubble universe because she sought to protect him from the Chaos King, but even in death, Hercules was as stubborn as he was in life. February 1, December 15, October 22, Glow Up: Baby Rose August 30, 1. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Latest Cover.

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